Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interview Somewhere Beside

'Hard time'
What is Sales Design Consultant ? I have no idea in the beginning. So, I went for an interview last few days. During the interview, i discovered that Sales Design Consultant eventually defined as a sales man/ sales girl lor. What is the nice words to describe the position ? OMG, even the form 5 or diploma graduated also can do this kind of job. I am no the choosy one but the reality is this job can't give any future to a degree graduated. Low salary, Work 11-9pm, doing in house sale, it just like a promoter in the shopping mall selling shirt, there are not much different.

Qualification and knowledge are really important to get a better job especially the advance countries that i gone for interview recently.

Congs to Regin & Pan

'Diving Kaki's Shop...'
I'm here to say congratulation to this couple and hope ur guys succeed in ur diving shop.
Btw: why ur guys gave us so many surprised, diam diam action, never told us that u have a own business soon. Why ur keep it so secretly. I'm here to say sorry because i can't attend ur guys open shop ceremony in subang. Will visit ur guys later when i came back to be ur free employee.
To whom want to buy diving equitments. Do visit their shop in subang. Ur guys can get any diving equipment there.Here to say sorry again. Happy working days. +.+ i'm still jobless ...
Btw: 'Thanks lor', ex-boss, caused me jobless now.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Look For A Job_ID

Interior Designer_No easy to get a job now. I have sent out almost 40-50 resume , some replied and some still no answer, 3 from Malaysia firm and 1 is from Singapore Firm. All is interior designer firm. After i went thru all the interview, i dunno my feeling is true or wrong. I found that Malaysia's interior designer firm's boss are not really look respect to the architect. I felt unhelpful, speechless and unrespected during the interview. During the interview :

One said : ' Archi is difficult to earn money and to get project nowadays. Archi designed 1 shopping mall but the ID can designed 200 units retails in the shooping mall ... ' I was totally agreed and no arguement about that.

One said : ' Some of my clients have terminated some architects and passed all the project to ask us (ID's boss) to do the design for a house, archi only do structure works. I scared archi don't have that designer sense? WTF? what is the shamed?... ' IDs think Archi dun have ability to design ? They think architect can't be a good designer ? R we so cheap ? work and study like hell but in the end looked down by People?

and finally i went interview 1 stupid ID's lousy aunty (
I also felt myself why so stupid went there for interview.
I want to F.C.U.K her gao gao

She said : ' Archi and ID are totally different careers. U supposed to take a 3d max and ID course before u came for my interview. U have to show me your 3d max with design and convince me so that i will recuite you. After u finished ur course then u only come for 2nd time interview ... ' WTF this stupid, arrogant, fat, low taste, purple panda eyes ID's aunty boss, like that also can be a designer ? it is only aunty ler... u think i cant handle these job?

Come on, Archi 们, F.C.U.K that aunty gao gao ...

Finally will be, ID wasn't a professional job anyway. Purple panda eyes's aunty like that also can earn money by having his own company. nicestyle = paliastyle ?

Resigned ... 26 Feb 2009

Shamed ... it was shamed. i finally were resigned. I have to say good bye to my 2 boss. I dunno i should happy or sad because I'm jobless now. I have been sent almost 40-50 resume out. There are 3 of them replied and they are still considered me. SO BAD, It was indicated that economic is really hit on Malaysia already. Please, dun simple resigned to whom intended to do so unless u want to become a boss like my best friend, Regin & Pan.

Special Thanks to my 2 ex-boss who are willing to allow me to resign... WTF (=.=''')

Friday, February 13, 2009

Jakarta, Bandung, Jokjakarta_Indo

'Archi Gang' ... This is the 1st time i had bagpack with all my dear dear ex archi-coursemate. I enjoyed our chinese new year 2009 travel in Indonesia. I felt happy and enjoyed the journey. 9 of us were helping each other especially that group of 5 lonely, single and pity guys and also 2 lovely couples ... We spended a lots money on shopping, food, transportation and accomondation. Well planned trips ... BTW : miao praised me as a good travel-mate to join with ... (paisei and happy neh).

Sipadan Island_Sipadan Mabul Resort

' Wonderful Underwater World ... ' Finally i have a diving trips in Sipadan island... it was really cool journey. Special Thanks to Regin & Pan. It was a unforgettable diving trips with your guys. Btw: i had spend approx. Rm 3000 ++ for the trips ler. Pk again liao ler. Never try diving, friends. Although i have spend so much but i never regretted, because it is really worth to go. To whom want to go, do go, u will NEVER EVER regret ... but to whom is a diver of course. Non-Diver don't go there waste money. If your money too much, never mind, can give some to me and i help u to spend.

Anyway, i am Waiting for another diving trips in Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesian in july 2007.

The water floating village is so nice. The bunglow chalet is supers. There is different kind of corals below our bungalows. The water is super clear.

U see, I am so closed with the sleepy turtle, there are so many turtles and sharks in Sipadan island underwater world. Me also look like turtle because of my stupid diving marks.

The sunset is so nice, this is the best shoot i can able to capture. We really have less time to enjoy and take a rest to capture the photos. We had a full day of diving schedule. We have board dive for 3 times and 1 time shore dive, total in 4 dive a day and continued for 4 days. My legs and hands are also tak tahan liao... The energy consumption is uncountable .